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A unique selection of properties in Portugal, predominantly in Comporta, Muda and Melides along the coast, the capital city Lisbon and the Alentejo including beach villas, golf course property, sea view homes, country estates, building plots, tourism projects, hotels, vineyards, farms, commercial real estate or land to build your ideal home in Portugal.

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Size 600 sq. m.
Lot Size 3000 sq. m.
Type Lots and Land
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Size 665 sq. m.
Lot Size 2375 sq. m.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 4
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Size 2000 sq. m.
Lot Size 590 hectares
Type Farm and Ranch
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Size 1250 sq. m.
Lot Size 5450 sq. m.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 7
16 photos
Size 812 sq. m.
Lot Size 1600 sq. m.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 5
18 photos
Size 1500 sq. m.
Lot Size 1.2 hectares
Type Residential
Bedrooms 10
8 photos
Size 1190 sq. m.
Type Other
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Size 750 sq. m.
Lot Size 150 sq. m.
Type Other
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Size 725 sq. m.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 6
7 photos
Size 12000 sq. m.
Lot Size 33 hectares
Type Farm and Ranch
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Size 600 sq. m.
Lot Size 31 hectares
Type Farm and Ranch
5 photos
Size 500 sq. m.
Lot Size 80 hectares
Type Farm and Ranch
36 photos
Size 4671 sq. m.
Lot Size 150 hectares
Type Farm and Ranch
Bedrooms 17
11 photos
Size 300 sq. m.
Lot Size 1 hectares
Type Residential
Bedrooms 3
5 photos
Size 1000 sq. m.
Lot Size 5000 sq. m.
Type Lots and Land
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Buying property in Portugal

Buying real estate in Portugal is really quite straightforward, find out how to get the most for your money by reading the following articles.


Selling property in Portugal

Selling real estate in Portugal couldn't be easier, find out how to get online and become a savvy seller by reading the following articles.


Living in Portugal

Details on the Golden Visa Residence Programme, Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime and Retired Persons Tax Regime.


Why buy Portugal Property

Portuguese real estate is still quite affordable when compared to most areas of Europe, whilst easy access to Lisbon, Porto and Algarve Airports makes Portugal a simple jaunt from many international destinations. Portugal has a moderate climate including three hundred days of sun, a pristine coastline, stunning scenery and generally good quality properties for sale offered throughout the country to include both affordable and luxury houses. Portugal boasts a favourable tax regime for new residents and property buyers with investment properties at fair market values which can offer the home buyer or investor excellent returns both through equity growth. Many property articles written about the last five years suggest an average price increase of 12% per anum.


Where to buy Portugal Property

Lisbon, is currently "on fire" (2019) due to the influx of many buyers from the European capitals, who are searching for a more favourable tax regime, better priced properties and generally excitement, culture, entertainment and the facilities that this beautiful European capital offers both buyers and visitors alike. Often many clients are astounded that you can still purchase one of the worlds best coffees for less than one Euro.


Porto, which many people have compared to the United Kingdom in relation to its greenery and climate, offers the more affordable home and boasts Portugal's second city Porto, which many say, has as much to offer as Lisbon. Porto is a great second home or primary residence destination due to the fact that your Pound, Dollar or Euro, goes that little further.


Douro, this region for many centuries has attracted the foreign investor and resident due to its climate, soil quality and probably the best Portuguese wine as well as of course Port. To boot, the Douro region is also stunningly beautiful, especially around the River Douro with old family estates and vineyards abound.


Algarve, which only a few years ago had seen a decrease in property values due to the financial collapse of 2008 is back in vogue as many foreign buyers have arrived to the conclusion that this part of the country offers affordably priced homes for sale in Portugal, a warm sea, excellent golf courses and many full-time foreign residents to call ones neighbour. Luxury estate areas like Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo are well desired destinations, boasting facilities which in standard terms are well above the norm'.


Silver Coast, is a destination for golfers, surfers and for those who perhaps prefer a more moderate climate than the Algarve. Due to the fact that the Silver Coast is only slightly north of Lisbon it also makes for easy arrival from the capital with agreeable properties within golf course resorts, probably being that little more affordable than most in the Algarve and certainly those around Lisbon, located either in the much favoured Cascais or Estoril.


Alentejo which is stunningly beautiful and covers almost one third of Portugal's land mass offers either countryside or coastal areas which provides the Portuguese property buyer with the choice between, country estates, farms, or agricultural land for commercial activities, and shabby chic beach cabanas or luxurious modern homes by the coast.


Comporta is a small coastal village located along the Alentejo Coast within the districts of both Grandola and Alcacer do Sal and is predicted to be one of the hottest property areas in southern Europe over the next fifteen to twenty years, due to its potential for low density, high quality development.


Melides comes under the radar of Comporta and offers country estates with distant sea views, properties on the lagoon and quaint village homes. Melides terrain is different than Comporta and offers undulating lands with character which are mainly covered by pine or cork trees.


Muda also forms part of the larger Comporta area and is the near beach country estate area with many luxury houses and properties which are owned both by the Portuguese and foreign buyers in the know. We have a great new development in Muda, just ask for details

Some of our favourite areas in Portugal and some useful information


Why buy Real Estate in Alentejo

Alentejo stretches south of Lisbon to the tip of the Algarve and offers all types of properties at affordable prices. Comporta and Melides which are coastal towns are seeing huge increases in buyer interest with sea view homes, golf villas, building plots and country estates. These areas also provide gorgeous white sandy beaches, traditional villages and a stunning nature reserve on the Sado Estuary which has two hundred bird species visiting annually. The Alentejo region attracts buyers who are living in Portugal throughout the year and has become a preferred second home destination for many Europeans.

Alentejo Coast. Comporta, which we have already mentioned lies along the Alentejo Coast is one of our favourite destinations and still "off the radar" to the majority of Portuguese property buyers. Comporta offers beach properties, luxury real estate, large country estates and typical village homes. Comporta is not your typical Portuguese destination and therefore you should be prepared to see a vast contrast within areas and property types. It is however, a stunning part of the country with some fifty kilometres of pristine beaches and coastline, set within a nature and agricultural reserve, with a very low population density and an even smaller construction footprint.


Farms for sale in Portugal

If you have decided to live or maybe work in Portugal and are searching for a large tract of land or farm for commercial purposes, tourism or just as your homestead, then the Alentejo region would be a good place to kick start your research. Alentejo was once referred to as the bread basket of Portugal because of it's agricultural heritage and provides an abundance of land, farms and country residences for sale. If it doesn't make any difference as to whether you live by the coast or further inland, then ninety percent of the time you'll find a less expensive estate the deeper you are located within the countryside.


Build a new House in Portugal

What to do before buying land in Portugal to build a new home

Confirm planning permission

Make sure that prior to purchasing your land, that you either have full planning permission, or outline planning permission from the local authorities and be sure to have this permission in writing.

Generally, you will require

A licensed architect to produce the required property drawings and for submission of such to the local planning authority and an engineer for the speciality (Electricity, plumbing, structural, etc) drawings and construction supervision. You may hire an independent consultant to report on the construction works being carried out by your licensed construction company who should in all instances have a solid reputation.

If in doubt, ask first before it's too late

You may choose independent companies for all of the services you require and are not obliged to use your architect's construction company as some believe. Living Portugal Property can assist you by recommending suitable companies, with no job too big or small.


Portugal Property Investments

Should you invest into the Portuguese real estate market?

Real estate in Portugal has much to offer the investor or home purchaser with savvy buyers investing anywhere between twenty thousand and many millions of  Euro's. Buying real estate in Portugal is worth serious consideration for investors who are cash liquid, as opportunities for affordable or unique homes are abound. Luxury or unique Portuguese properties are normally sold at fair market value, except in cases where the seller desperately needs to sell, whilst the current housing market is stabilising and offering increased values in some higher demand areas. The country provides a safe haven for the real estate buyer, is a beautiful place to live, still affordable to a large degree and a great place to enjoy oneself without breaking the bank or emptying the retirement fund.


Real Estate Blog

Real estate listings from Living Portugal Property including land, apartments and houses in Portugal. Some of the blog posts include keyword articles which are written about search terms for property in Portugal.

Footnote: Please remember, when searching for your ideal property in Portugal, many clients prefer not to list their home publicly for sale. Therefore if you have a specific requirement or particular style of home that is not listed for sale on the Living Portugal Property website, simply get in touch by phone or use the email link below.