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Stain Removal

Whether it’s a splash of salad dressing, a drop of barbeque sauce, or a full assault of coffee, stains happen. They happen to the cautious as well as the careless and usually when we least expect it. These tips are for washable fabrics only. Always test for color-fastness in an inconspicuous spot first. Here are a couple of quick tips I’ve gathered.


Red Wine
Salt is great for “holding” red wine at bay until the item can be washed. This has saved countless pairs of jeans and blouses.


Shampoo is great for getting out cosmetic stains.


WD – 40 is great at getting out greasy stains (salad dressing, lipstick and butter). Spray on the stain, wait about ten minutes, and work in undiluted dishwashing soap – launder in the hottest water possible for the fabric.


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