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Size 500 sq. m.
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The New Algarve Portugal


For many years the Alargve on the west coast of Portugal has been a favourite destination for many hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over Europe, and in fact from many other parts of the world too; but lately and not only due to the financial crisis, but in combination with the unprovoked violent attacks and robberies on a number of foreign residents there, the Algarve has seemed to have lost its sparkle. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many beautiful places there and as always there are lots of things to do, however, for those of us who at one time loved our typical Algarvian villa, there seems to be a wind of change.


When we talk of the Algarve, we are referring to those wonderful areas that we all have fond memories of and have enjoyed immensely, which include Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Herdade da Salgados, and the like. And yes for many of us we made a handsome profit as well. Yet time stands still for no man, and lately the time and the place has changed.


So if it is time to sell your property in the Algarve, although if you haven’t sold your property already you may have to wait a while; or you were thinking of buying a home there, the question everybody is asking, if we don’t buy our holiday home in the Algarve then where should you be buying instead? Well first, If you had bought your home in the Algarve thirty years ago you would remember how beautiful and serene it was; open fields, panoramic views to the ocean, very little urbanisation and only the locals to have your coffee with in the morning. The beach was deserted and you would eat and drink exactly what the locals would enjoy.


The air was fresh and the only chatter you would hear would come from the birds as they sang their morning song and  of course, you could walk for miles along the beaches without meeting a soul. As we have mentioned before times change, and now almost everywhere you look you’ll find a built up neighbourhood, cars on every road, and the noise that accompany them and their drivers. Of course the summers are even worse, it takes hours to get from A to B and by the time you get to your favourite beach or restaurant, you’ll be lucky to get a spot. Well this is now, so where is paradise in portugal, where can we find that serenity and peace, where can we stroll unperturbed?




If you’ve never travelled a little south of the river Tejo or if you’ve never discovered the Sado Estuary and river, then you are missing out. There’s literally one road between Troia and Comporta and in fact there are only two roads which one may use to arrive here, one travelling north along the Alentejo coast and one heading to the ocean from Alcacer do Sal. You’ve probably guessed by now where we are, if not you are in for a beautiful surprise.


This area has it all and more. Nature in abundance, Roman ruins, only three hotels, a luxury resort, a Championship Golf course, (With three more on the way), marina, Eco development, beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants, more than one hundred species of birds, cycling and running path, snorkelling, scuba diving, kite surf, ocean and river fishing, the list goes on.




Yet, this magical little paradise is hardly known outside of the Portuguese community and a few well heeled foreigners. Oh, and I forgot to mention our own little pod of Bottlenose dolphins. To see where we are and to taste a little more of our paradise, visit the links below. However, we highly recommend that you visit us personally. So, we hope to see you soon in the privileged and luxurious “New Algarve.”

Luxury Resorts

Troia Resort

Herdade da Comporta