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Currency Exchange

A better exchange rate than your bank


The favoured commercial rates of exchange that you will receive with your currency exchange and our brokers outstanding market knowledge ensures that you will maximise the value of your sterling, dollar or yen, etc, which will increase your return on the capital exchanged.


Your transaction is 100% secure, yet simple as our currency broker will provide you with your own dedicated Forex agent throughout your process.


Our Living Portugal Property foreign currency brokers pride themselves on their outstanding customer service, supported by the fact that 94% of their clients would recommend them to a friend. It's free, simple and without obligation with guaranteed security, a friendly and professional service dedicated currency broker with no fees or commissions and authorised by the Financial Services Authority for the provision of Payment Services.


Whether you are buying a property in Portugal for holidays, retirement or emigration, our experienced foreign exchange brokers will secure the best exchange rate for you.


Regular Currency Transfers

Whether it’s for a mortgage, pension or any other transfer, a regular payment plan saves you money with competitive exchange rates and offers a low monthly transfer fee.


Foreign Currency to buy or sell property

Exchange rates change every 2 seconds and a 1% movement in a day is not uncommon in the current climate. This means that over the course of a few days or weeks you may be able to sell or buy your property in Portugal at a more favourable price without it costing you a penny.


Imagine if you are a buyer with a strict budget of £100,000, you’ve found your dream home and ready to make an offer. It’s only now that perhaps you are considering how much does it really cost. The property is valued at €120,000 and the GBP/EUR exchange rate is 1.1850. Unfortunately this means that the property is £1,265 over budget, and therefore you are trying to negotiate with the seller to reduce the price to meet your budget.


If however, you use our licensed foreign currency experts, they will be able to tell you exactly and at what time the currency market brings the property within your budget. One of the contracts they use to help our clients that are working to a tight budget is a limit order. This allows a client to select an exchange rate they want/need to achieve to be able to afford the property in question. There are no charges or deposits required to place a limit and once the currency market reaches the desired level (in the earlier example that would be 1.20) the system automatically completes the GBP/EUR transfer for the client.


As a company we have found that a large percentage of our foreign clients are sitting on the fence and waiting for the right time to buy, which normally will fit in to the following three categories:


Clients waiting for property prices to rise (2.5-5%)

Clients waiting for property prices to fall (5-10%)

Clients who believe the Eurozone will crumble and are waiting for the dust to settle.


Our foreign currency experts have built a team of well-respected market analysts that produce independent market data designed to boost confidence and highlight hidden savings to our clients that are buying or sitting on the fence.


As an example, British buyers who bought in Portugal prior to 2007 and now wish to sell, will make 11-29% when they convert their Euros back in to Sterling, which is an extremely important point when the market is slow and you need that extra edge to sell your home before your competitor, as calculating in the exchange factor is a very necessary point. Also, the GBP has strengthened by 9% against the Euro since July 2011 and any clients who are looking to buy property in Portugal and who are waiting for further price reductions may not be aware that the Euro has bounced back faster and more aggressively than anyone’s expected. In fact every time the pound has strengthened over 1.20 in the last 4 years, the Euro has bounced strongly.


Our advice at Living Portugal Property, is that if at some time in the future you will need to exchange currency from one foreign currency to another, then seek the advice of a UK licensed foreign currency broker today. Their advice may mean the difference between selling or buying your property at the best possible price.


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