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Comporta Portugal

Information on Comporta

Comporta is located at the base of the Troia peninsula in the municipality of Alcacer do Sal, in the district of Setubal in Portugal which is positioned within one of the most privileged regions of the country, the Alentejo Litoral/Coast Region. Although incorrect, many people also refer to Comporta as being in the municipality of Grandola which is also in the district of Setubal.

Comporta is an idyllic traditional Portuguese village and parish that time may have passed and was once a typical hub of agricultural activity with workers brought in from all over Portugal to work her lands throughout the seeding and harvesting seasons. Comporta can trace her history to Neolithic man with the area also being a strategic outpost for the Roman Empire. In fact just up the coast along the Troia peninsula, ruins can still be seen to this day which highlights the importance that the Romans gave to both fishing and salting within this vicinity which included the Sado Estuary and Atlantic Ocean.




Nowadays, Comporta is still a hive of agricultural production with her best crops now being those of both rice and her superb vines. In fact Comporta under the influence of the largest land owner in the area, the Herdade da Comporta produces some of the finest wines to be found anywhere along the Alentejo Coast. The village occupies an amazing position at the side of the Sado Estuary and is only a five minute walk from the famous Comporta beach which takes her name. Many of the local beaches have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award year after year.

The parish of Comporta which is home to around 1500 inhabitants includes Brejos da Carregueira, Cambada, Carrasqueira, Comporta, Figueiral, Moitinha, Murta, Possanco, Torre, and Torroal has always been a centre of attraction for the wealthier Portuguese families who have spent many a vacation here with many of them purchasing one of their vacation properties in Comporta and due to the glorious position that Comporta occupies many foreign nationals have also purchased property here with many of them choosing some of the spectacular larger Quinta type properties that are available.




There are a wide variety of activities to pursue including horse riding, fishing, hunting, sailing, diving, cycling, golf, bird watching and many others with each season offering something new. Within the village itself you’ll find a number of inexpensive restaurants that are open throughout the year and local boutiques where you will be able to purchase everything you require for your stay here. The two comporta golf courses opening shortly are Comporta Dunes and Comporta Links which will offer an array of Comporta Golf Property for Sale.

If you wish to enjoy a romantic sunset dinner on the beach then may we suggest Comporta Cafe, where you'll be delighted with an array of aromatic shell and seafood dishes and should you have a sweetened tooth, then desserts that are to die for. The best restaurant in the area which almost looks like a roadside café is Dona Bia’s where you are guaranteed some of the finest fish that you will have ever eaten and to boot at a reasonable price when compared with many of the restaurants that are located within the typical tourist destinations such as the Algarve.


Comporta Rice Fields Traditional Houses Comporta 


If you’d like to stay in a beautiful part of this area then you should look for Comporta Cocoon or Sublime Comporta Hotel and Spa which are both set within idealic country settings. Comporta offers a number of superb restaurants and is a fantastic area to live in with all the amenities without the associated high cost, and due to her small size will always be a true gem along the Portuguese coast in Alentejo.


Gomes Delicatessen

The Harrods of Comporta, you will be amazed at the selection of high quality and unusual foods available. If you want something in particular, then Carlos, the owner and gentleman, will go out of his way to serve you.






Eucaliptos Cafe

Don't worry if you haven't had time for breakfast, this superb pastry cafe is the ideal place in comporta to enjoy a healthy or hearty breakfast or lunch, whilst surfing the net for free. The Jazz music in the background will calm your mind as you perhaps ponder on the thought of swimming in the beautiful blue and green sea.





Horse Riding in Comporta

Have a marvelous time in Comporta with Jose Ribeira and Cavalos na Areia. Gallop along the stunning beaches in Comporta or simply enjoy trekking amidst nature at her best.






Abstract Expressionism

Comporta is attracting some of the most recognised artists and designers from around the world. Why not bring your paint brush and creative mind and submerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you?






Comporta Gardens

Naturally beautiful Comporta with naturally beautiful gardens by Arquitectura Verde and Luz Martinez. 








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