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Mortgage costs and Insurance payments in Portugal


If you have found a property in Portugal which is to your liking and you are considering whether to buy in Portugal or not, then perhaps you would like to find out how much your new property may cost you. By using our simple Property Payments Calculator you will able to discover how much your new home in Portugal will cost, your funding amounts and qualification, mortgage payments and/or whether you should consider renting property in Portugal rather than buying.


Complete the fields below and click Calculate Now. To view the results of each calculation, simply click on the various tabs.  Even better you can email yourself a copy of the results, simply by clicking on the Receive this Detailed Analysis link.


By sending an email to yourself, you will always have a hard copy of your funding commitments and due to the current low rates of interest, you may discover how inexpensive it is to own property in Portugal. You may even realise that apart from owning a second or holiday home, you may even receive a higher return on your investment, simply by leasing it to other holiday makers throughout the year and turning your holiday or second home in Portugal into an investment.


Whatever you decide, if you need more advice on any house for sale in Portugal, which may include apartments, villas, quintas, land, luxury property, inexpensive or cheap properties or building plots simply get in touch and we will assist you with whatever process you need and decide to take.


If you are looking for a particular type of Home or Property in Portugal, simply email us below with your request.

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Principal & Interest:
Homeowners Insurance:
Property Taxes:
Condo Fees:
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Total Monthly Payment:
Income Needed to Qualify for the Mortgage
Total Monthly Loan Payment:
Total Monthly Debt Payment:
Monthly Loan Insurance (%):
Qualifying Income of % GDS Ratio:
Qualifying Income of % TDS Ratio:
What You Can Afford
We are using the % ratio.
Cost of House:
Down Payment:
Loan Value:
Monthly Principal & Interest:
Monthly Insurance:
Monthly Property Tax:
Monthly Condo Fees:
Cost of House = [(Monthly income x Debt Ratio) – monthly tax – monthly insurance – condo fee] /
(monthly interest rate/ function of interest rate)
Monthly Rent: 
Annual Rental Increases:  %
Monthly Renter Insurance: 
Savings or Investment Rate:  %
Planned # of years in home: 
Yearly appreciation of the home:  %
Annual home maintenance:  %

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